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AV's Dungeons & Dragons Program - TERm 1 2023 Program Details

Get ready for more D&D questing, adventuring, and fun with your DMs in Term 1 2023!

The details for Term 1 2023 D&D groups are now available!

Registration opens on Tuesday 24 January, so you have some time to compare groups, check your schedule, chat with your D&D friends, and find the group that best suits you.

Term 1 2023 - Program Details

The first session of each group will be in the week starting Monday 6 February.

The last session of each group will be in the week starting Monday 27 March.

Group Days and Times

Please click each link above for more information about that group.

Group prices vary depending on the number of sessions for each group: some groups will have fewer sessions due to public holidays.

Note: if your player will be aged 17 in their first session, please register them for an under 18 group. This is important for AV's continued commitment to Child Safety.

Groups fill quickly!

Our D&D program is really popular with our community. Spaces fill quickly so register as soon as possible if you are interested.

As the D&D group size is limited to six players, we are unable to add further spaces in existing groups.

However, if the group you are interested in is already fully booked, you have a few options.

  • If there is another group which suits your age group and schedule, we recommend registering for that group instead to ensure you have a space for this term.
  • If there are no other available groups which suit you schedule, we invite you to complete our AV D&D Player Waiting List Survey. This is for players who would like to join the AV D&D program in the upcoming term and who are unable to find a space in a group for their age group at a time that suits them. For more information, please visit the survey link.

Your Dungeon Masters

About Character Sheets

  • Players will be asked in registration if they would like to upload a character sheet / email a character sheet to the DM, if they need some help to create a character sheet, or if they need the DM to provide a pre-set character sheet.
  • Returning players need to provide an updated character sheet at least one week before the first session.
  • If a player has indicated that they need help, the DM will contact them via email before the first session.
  • For a list of accepted character source materials, please read the Campaign Profile for this group.
  • Homebrew / custom characters or monster-race characters cannot be accommodated in AV's D&D program.

Documents for players

We've noticed that many players and families have similar questions about AV's D&D Program, so our admin team and DMs have put together some documents to help you find answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

  • AV Player Registration Information: please read this before registering. This includes important information about registering, changing groups, allowed character types, adult supervision for younger players, and a trial of Discord for all groups in Term 1 2023.
  • AV D&D Frequently Asked Questions. This includes answers to the most common questions we've received about AV's D&D program.
  • Safety in D&D: Off-limits topics. This allows players to tell us if there are any topics that they are not comfortable to have included in their D&D game.
  • AV's D&D Program Rules and Guidelines: these rules and guidelines set expectations for our D&D sessions and includes important information on our Child Safe policy.

If you still need more information or have questions, please contact our AV Admin team.

We look forward to questing with you!

ABN 47 066 180 983

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