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Peer Groups the AV Way

'Promoting the positives of Aspergers across the lifespan'

Aspergers Victoria peer support groups believe in:

  • A Positive Mindset: We see possibilities, strengths and talents. We don't view autism as a disability or deficit
  • A Growth Mindset: We pursue goals through continual learning and share that knowledge; we don’t judge each other
  • Empowerment: We listen, support and encourage others to grow
  • Empathy: We try to understand another’s situation and help, if asked. This is not sympathy
  • Trust:  We value  the privacy and confidentiality of others in and outside of the group 
  • Respect: We acknowledge the wishes and rights of others and believe we are responsible for our own behaviour. This includes respecting others’ needs for space and respect their views
  • Inclusion: We make all of our peers feel welcome and understood .

    AV peer support groups are open to all members of the community.
    If you would like to try an AV peer support group for the first time, we invite you use our free* first time attendee option. For more information including how to access this, please read our Community Guide: About our free* first time attendee tickets

    Our peer support groups are run by peer volunteers who share the experience of the group they facilitate. They generously give up their personal time to support our community. As volunteers, we see and feel the value of providing these forums and enjoy the impact it has helping our peers. Our Peer Volunteers are NOT mental health professionals and cannot provide mental health support. 

    All AV members are able to access a discounted registration fee for our peer support groups.

    Holders of a +Groups AV membership can even access our regular peer support group meetings completely free of charge!For more information or to join as an AV member, please visit our Become an AV Member page.  

    We require respectful, safe and inclusive behaviour in our Groups. We do not discuss cures. Please be aware many attendees in our groups may be peers of other groups also. For example, attendees in our Parents & Carers Group or Partners Groups may also have Aspergers or be autistic themselves.

    If you have any specific needs, please contact the Group Leaders to let them know before joining the group for the first time. If you are unable to meet the Group behaviour requirements you may be asked to leave the meeting. Aspergers Victoria reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person without reason. 

    If you have questions, we encourage you to read our Peer Support Groups - Frequently Asked Questions page, as many of the most common questions are answered here.

ABN 47 066 180 983

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