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Are you or have you been in a relationship with someone who has Aspergers, is autistic, or who has another similar neurodivergent profile? Then our Partners Group may be what you're looking for! 

Who is this group for?

Our Partners Group is for adults who are or have been in a relationship with someone who has Aspergers, is autistic, or who has another similar neurodivergent profile. Your partner may have a diagnosis, be seeking a diagnosis, or be undiagnosed. We are inclusive of all relationship types and all cohabitation situations, and we welcome partners of all genders. If you (as well as your partner) have Aspergers, are autistic, or have another similar neurodivergent profile, you are also welcome to join.

When and were does this group meet?

The Partners Group meets monthly. We meet online on the first Thursday of each month, and where possible, we have a second meeting on the second Thursday of each month at a community centre in Ashwood in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  Our online meetings are held via Zoom.

As COVID is continuing to affect all of AV's group meetings, please check the calendar below to find out if our next meeting is online via Zoom or in person.

What are group meetings like?

Our Partners Group, facilitated by our Partners Group Leader, is an informal discussion group. The Group Leader and Group Assistant, with input from attendees, set a discussion topic each month for the group to chat about. We occasionally invite guest speakers to provide expert advice on particular topics. Past topics include self care, the diagnosis journey, and a guest speaker on reflexology.

You are welcome to join in the discussion or to listen to others as you feel comfortable. In Zoom meetings, you are welcome to have your video and microphone on or off as you feel comfortable, and you can also communicate via the Zoom chat function.

How can I register for the next group meeting?

The next group meeting is listed in the calendar below. If you would like to attend, please click “Register” on the left side and enter your details. If you are joining an AV group meeting for the first time, we invite you to register for a free first-time attendee ticket: please contact our AV admin team to request access code.

If the next meeting date is not yet visible below, we invite you to add your name to the AV mailing list by following the steps below and we will contact you when registrations open.

Join the AV Mailing List

If you're interested in receiving emails from AV about this group including upcoming meeting announcements, please add your name to our AV mailing list. Visit the Join our AV Mailing List page, enter your first name and your email address, and make sure you tick "Peer Support Groups - Partners" as an area of interest, as well as any other topics you're interested in, and we'll include you in future emails.

If you would like more information about this group, please contact the Partners Group Leader.

Upcoming Group Meetings

    • 1 Sep 2022
    • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Online via Zoom

    Partners Group: Online Meeting

    About our Partners Group

    Join our Partners Peer Support Group to meet other adults who are or who have been in a relationship with someone who has Aspergers, is autistic, or has a similar neurodivergent profile. Sharing experiences within the safe environment of our peer support meetings can be a lifeline, and sharing with people who have similar lived experience is validating and often educational. Your partner may be self-diagnosed or have a formal diagnosis, and you may share a household or live separately. We are an inclusive group and welcome partners of all genders and relationship types.

    This month, we will be talking about building your own tool box of practical skills and self-care around living with difficult emotions.

    This session is facilitated by our Partners Group Leaders. All AV volunteer group leaders share the lived experience of their group participants and welcome new attendees.

    Cost: $5 for AV members, $10 for non-members.

    Registration is FREE for holders of a +Groups Membership and for first-time attendees. How to access a free first-time attendee ticket for regular peer support groups.

    Become an AV member today to access discounted tickets for groups and events, members-only programs and interest groups, and to support the wonderful work our volunteers and staff team do for our community.

    If cost is a barrier, please contact our AV admin team

    Anyone wishing to attend an AV activity must register before attending.

    For online events, you will need to register to receive the Zoom meeting link / Discord link.

    Unregistered attendees may incur an admin fee of up to $10.

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    For assistance or more information

    • Call 0480 385 710 or email our AV admin team.
    • The AV phone is switched on from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday.
    • Tech and admin support for after-hours activities is available by phone only starting an hour before the activity start time until the scheduled activity end time.
    • Please note that our email inbox is not monitored outside business hours.

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    AV Peer Support Groups disclaimer: Please note that AV Peer Support Groups do not not provide professional advice, medical advice, counselling, crisis management or case management.
    If you or someone else needs urgent support, please visit our list of organisations offering crisis support.

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