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Our Services

COACHING & Training

We help inform and educate about Aspergers as well provide empowering lifeskills and knowledge to our members & community.

Coaching with our lived experience team provides life skills and maps out your way forward.

We offer a number of courses in empowering diverse minds throughout the year or can run for schools, groups or organisations based on demand.

We will also have smaller  member events & workshops that will be scheduled throughout the year.

Peer Groups & interest groups

We operate a range of peer groups, each with a specific focus as well as other peer-led interest groups.  

We offer Minecraft in our AspieLand server moderated by peers for teens aged 10 to 17 years. We also have Dungeons & Dragons for players aged 10 and older; join a group of similar age players, connect with peers, and embark on an exciting quest with your Dungeon Master each term. 

Our peer support groups provide an opportunity to discover the support of a community of peers who can empower your life and learn new life skills. Many members find them enjoyable and a key part of their lives.

Employment support

We're passionate about supporting our Aspergers members prepare for, find and maintain employment.

The right job offers you potential to contribute productivity and talent to employers.

This starts at high school with our ILC funded Teens Work KnowHow Program to provide readiness workshops then coach-supported work experience. 

We have alliances with various Aspergers employment organisations and we provide coaching, training and other services. 

info help team

We operate an email based peer information service to answer any question our community may have.

Our team of lived experience volunteers will reply to you and each has personal peer experience of having, caring for or supporting Aspergers.

 Our team has seen it, done it and have been there, and they look forward to helping you and those you care for to find support and to connect with your community.

ABN 47 066 180 983

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