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 At AV we view our community's neuro-differences through a strengths based lens.  

Our autistic minds have a different way of operating that is different to the nerve-normative model used by our medical community. Often our community are diagnosed through the deficit lens of the medical model where challenges and issues are highlighted more than our strengths. 

A key aim for our organisation is to help our autistics realise we are not defective, just different. And discover our individual strengths- often beyond a neurotypical mind.  With many of our challenges being due to the lack of a suitable environment we are in, or the individual communication challenges of our neurology or trauma. However we see in our peer groups and activities how our challenges melt away with peer to peer in the right environment where stressors are managed. 

Critical to empowering our autistics is understanding and acceptance with a strengths based view of each individual and their way of living. 

Famous autistic people

The autistic community is widely represented in a range of fields, including sport, media, science, and entertainment.

Alexis Wineman - American model and pageant contestant

Alix Generous - American behaviour scientist, activist, and consultant

Bill Gross - American investor and fund manager.

Chloe Hayden - Australian actor, disability advocate, and speaker

Chris Packham - British naturalist, environmental activist and TV presenter

Clay Marzo - American surfer

Cody Ware - American NASCAR driver

Courtney Love - American singer and songwriter, lead singer of grunge band Hole.

Dan Aykroyd – American actor and comedian

Dan Harmon - writer, producer and actor. Creator of "Community"

Daniel Tammet - English writer

Daryl Hannah – American actor and environmental activist

David Campion - Australian Special Olympics snowboarder

Dawn Prince-Hughes - American primate anthropologist, ethologist, and author of Songs for the Gorilla Nation

Donna Williams - Australian author, autism advocate and consultant

Dr. Vernon Smith - American Nobel Prize-winning economist and academic

Em Rusciano - Australian comedian, writer, singer and presenter

Gary Numan - British singer and songwriter

Grace Tame - Australian activist, advocate, and author

Greta Thunberg - Swedish climate activist

      Hannah Gadsby - Australian comedian, author, and presenter

      Heather Zumich - American model

      James Durbin - American musician

      Jerry Newport - American author and public speaker, and inspiration for the movie Mozart and the Whale

      John Elder Robison - American author of Look Me in the Eye

      Jon Rosenberg - American webcomic creator

      Judy Singer - Australian sociologist and disability rights activist, creator of the term "neurodiversity"

      Liane Holliday Willey - American author, educator and consultant.

      Lionel Messi - Argentinian world champion footballer

      Lizzy Clark - British actress and campaigner

      Michael Burry - American physician, investor and hedge fund manager, and inspiration for the movie The Big Short.

      Stephen Fry – British actor, presenter, and comedian

      Susan Boyle – British singer and Britain's Got Talent contestant

      Temple Grandin - American scientist and animal behaviourist

      Tim Burton – American filmmaker, director, animator, and artist

      Travis Meeks - American singer and songwriter. Lead singer of band Days of the New.

      Ulysse Delsaux - American NASCAR driver

      Wentworth Miller - Australian actor

      Historical Figures

      There are many historical figures who are believed to have been autistic or to have met the criteria for autism.

      Hans Christian Andersen – Danish children’s author

      Benjamin Banneker – American almanac author, surveyor, naturalist, and farmer

      Sir Isaac Newton – British mathematician, astronomer and physicist
      Henry Cavendish – British scientist
      Michelangelo – Italian sculptor, painter, and architect
      Charles Darwin – British naturalist, geologist, and biologist
      Paul Dirac – English theoretical physicist
      Emily Dickinson – English poet
      Lewis Carroll – English author
      Thomas Jefferson – American politician
      James Joyce – Irish author

      Alfred Kinsey – American sexologist & biologist
      Stanley Kubrick – American director, film producer, and screenwriter
      Albert Einstein – German theoretical physicist.
      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Austrian classical composer
      Carl Sagan - American astronomer, astrophysicist and author
      Nikola Tesla – inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer
      Ludwig Wittgenstein – Austrian philosopher
      Marie-Curie - Polish dual Nobel Prize-winning physicist
      Barbara McClintock – American scientist and cytogeneticist
      William Butler Yeats – Irish poet, writer, and politician
      Andy Warhol – American artist, director, and producer
      Alan Turing - father of modern computing, mathematician and logician, code breaker in WW2
      Henry Ford - American industrialist and business magnate

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