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Our Aims

Our Vision

A world where the strengths of all Asperger autistics are celebrated, realised and valued

Our Mission

AV inspires, empowers and supports Aspergers autistics, and other neurodiverse profiles, to be themselves and realise their ambitions through social connection, employment inclusion and advocacy across their lives.  Our purpose is to provide individuals, families, businesses and professionals with opportunities to connect, be part of communities and share knowhow - with a focus on inclusion, strengths and respect. 

We want to empower Aspergers to have the confidence to realise their own strengths, abilities, dreams and ambitions - and with that independence - while managing challenges across their lives. This empowerment comes from our community of peers, and educating the communities in which we live. This mission is based around four key pillars:

  1. Peer support group support
  2. Information about Aspergers, supports and opportunities 
  3. Educational events/presentations, and 
  4. Employment readiness and linkages.

These pillars are supported by our focused advocacy on our community's behalf. We are the only for purpose organisation focused on the specific needs of Aspergers autistics. 

The Rules of our DGR registered Incorporated Association  charity and other ASIC details are here. Our 2022 Annual Report if available on request here

Our Board

Our Board all have lived experience of autism either being an Asperger, has a close family member that is Aspergers autistic or is a professional working closely with the autistic community. Our Board are also volunteers who contribute their own time to support social change and support our Aspergers autistic community. 

Tamsin Jowett - President

Previously a lawyer, Tamsin is a governance and coaching professional who has worked internationally with BP in Corporate Affairs/CSR and with London brand agency LSW. Tamsin is a fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, an ICF Coach, qualified Patient Advocate and holds a Masters in Marketing from London, as well as her Law-Commerce degree from Melbourne University. Tamsin is passionate about driving change for our community and regularly advocates for our community at government levels and through her extensive networks. Tamsin has enjoyed life surrounded by interesting neurodiverse family and friends and has a strengths view of differences. Tamsin is passionate about empowering our community and has been supporting AV for over 10 years, with recent years as President driving organisational evolution. Tamsin is also a pennant golf player with passions for skiing, tennis and extensive reading.


Jeffrey is an experienced, well-seasoned CFO and Company Secretary, with a wealth of skills, gained from working at the coal face for SME ASX listed companies and Australian companies with international operations.  He has excellent financial, operational and management skills gained from direct involvement with businesses from startups, pre and post IPO, during periods of high growth, under financial stress or requiring restructuring.  Jeffrey is experienced in ASX reporting, compliance with the Listing Rules, capital raising, financial analysis and modelling, board reporting, corporate governance and secretarial duties, risk management, commercial contract management, setting policies and procedures, human resources and employment functions. Jeffrey has Aspergers lived experience within his family.

gareth downie - treasurer

Gareth is an Australian Chartered Accountant (CA), and a fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, who specialises in complex risk management and insurance solutions for a range of different clients.

He has experience in both big four audit firms and market leading insurance brokers. The competencies he acquired in his audit & assurance profession can be seamlessly applied across various financial service sectors. Throughout his career, Gareth has been dedicated to delivering superior financial advice and solutions to his clients.

Leveraging his extensive experience and perceptive insights into clients’ respective industries and enterprises, Gareth aims to facilitate clients’ comprehensive understanding of their risks so they can make informed decisions on balance sheet protection and the amount of risk they wish to bear.

Gareth is passionate about empowering our community and looks forward to ensuring the financial sustainability of the organisation into the future.

Shavaj kallamkote - board member

Shavaj is an inventor and problem solver with a passion for finding technology solutions to problems facing society today. He has a degree in engineering and more than 20 years of experience in the computing and technology industry. His expertise is in creating technology solutions that can adapt to the changing industry and technology landscape, while also catering to current operational needs. He is also an autistic who has used his talent to create many technologies to reduce global energy waste and move the world towards a sustainable future.


Roo Harris is a life and business coach, consultant and lawyer. Before her transition to coaching and consulting in 2017, Roo was a lawyer for over 15 years, specialising in international commercial transactions.  During this time, she was dedicated legal counsel to a member of the royal family in a foreign country, advising on his domestic and cross-border investment transactions. This remains the focus of her consulting and advisory work, in which she provides project founders with start-up strategy and commercial advice, while working to facilitate investment into their projects.

In her coaching work, Roo supports professional women with career transition.  Increasingly, she is working with the Aspergers community, for which she is a passionate advocate, having extensive lived experience through family and friends. She is also on the Board of Kilmour Investments, which among other investments, holds a major share in Australia’s largest forestry and timber processing company (for sustainable, softwood plantations). Roo has a combined Bachelors in Arts and Law and a Masters in Commercial Law.

View the Rules of our DGR registered Incorporated Association charity (including other ASIC details).

View our 2022 Annual Report. 

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