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Our Aims

Our Vision

A world where the strengths of all Asperger autistics are celebrated, realised and valued

Our Mission

AV inspires, empowers and supports Aspergers autistics, and other neurodiverse profiles, to be themselves and realise their ambitions through social connection, employment inclusion and advocacy across their lives.  Our purpose is to provide individuals, families, businesses and professionals with opportunities to connect, be part of communities and share knowhow - with a focus on inclusion, strengths and respect. 

We want to empower Aspergers to have the confidence to realise their own strengths, abilities, dreams and ambitions - and with that independence - while managing challenges across their lives. This empowerment comes from our community of peers, and educating the communities in which we live. This mission is based around four key pillars:

  1. Peer support group support
  2. Information about Aspergers, supports and opportunities 
  3. Educational events/presentations, and 
  4. Employment readiness and linkages.

These pillars are supported by our focused advocacy on our community's behalf. We are the only for purpose organisation focused on the specific needs of Aspergers autistics. 

The Rules of our DGR registered Incorporated Association  charity and other ASIC details are here. Our 2022 Annual Report if available on request here

Our Board

Our Board all have lived experience of autism either being an Asperger, has a close family member that is Aspergers autistic or is a professional working closely with the autistic community. Our Board are also volunteers who contribute their own time to support social change and support our Aspergers autistic community. 


Jon is an experienced Operational Executive and Supply Chain Strategist, as well as a COO, CEO, NED, Director level with extensive experience in business management and growth in the supply chain, infrastructure and project management arenas. Specialising in transport, retail, eCommerce and FMCG supply chains, Jon has negotiated large-scale, multi-million dollar projects throughout Australia, Asia and the Asia-Pac Region. Serving as a consultant on implementation of “deep-dive” analysis, Jon has the capability to create consensus through all levels of the organisation. Performing as a global transformation and change agent having managed 1,000+ staff across a network of countries and cultures, Jon creates a compelling vision, develop actionable plans and deliver outstanding improvement and profitable, with on-going results.

Jon's areas of expertise include:
- Thriving in a fast-paced environment, juggling multiple competing tasks and demands to source, procure, design and deliver solutions to complex supply chain and logistics issues.
- Developing and executing resolution management, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance initiatives, aligning corporate road-maps with enterprise processes.
- Providing advice and guidance surrounding M&A, strategy, infrastructure, operations and process improvement strategies for a diverse client groups.
- Operates: Extensive hands-on Transport & Warehousing operational knowledge and experience
- Integrates: A broad range of WMS, TMS selection and implementation experience
- Comprehensive and applicable experience working with diverse cultural and workforce (union) situations.

Jon is recognised for his drive, confidence, strong work ethic, tirelessness in achieving goals, adaptability, ability to work in a team and excellent customer focus. He attributes his success to his ability to maintain a value-centered environment while stimulating growth and improvement across all channels.

gareth downie - treasurer

Gareth is an Australian Chartered Accountant (CA), and a fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, who specialises in complex risk management and insurance solutions for a range of different clients.

He has experience in both big four audit firms and market leading insurance brokers. The competencies he acquired in his audit & assurance profession can be seamlessly applied across various financial service sectors. Throughout his career, Gareth has been dedicated to delivering superior financial advice and solutions to his clients.

Leveraging his extensive experience and perceptive insights into clients’ respective industries and enterprises, Gareth aims to facilitate clients’ comprehensive understanding of their risks so they can make informed decisions on balance sheet protection and the amount of risk they wish to bear.

Gareth is passionate about empowering our community and looks forward to ensuring the financial sustainability of the organisation into the future.


 Harm is a director of AI Advisory Services at a leading company that provides advisory services to public, private, and government organisations on responsible, ethical, sustainable, and conversational intelligence. With over two decades of experience in the AI field, he has a deep understanding of the technical, ethical, and business aspects of AI, and how to create and implement AI-driven enterprise solutions and digital transformation strategies that benefit all stakeholders.

Harm is also actively involved in the development and adaptation of international and national AI standards, as a Co-Chairperson of ISO/IEC SC42 WG 3 and a Working Group Convenor of AS IT-43. He coordinates the AI trustworthiness roadmapping activities, identify the high-level trustworthiness characteristics in AI systems, and investigate the approaches and methods to establish trust and trustworthiness in AI systems. He also adapts international standards to the Australian context and provide input into the strategic direction of the Australian contribution to the global standards development.

Harm is passionate about sharing his AI expertise and insights with various stakeholders, including academia, government, professional associations, consumer advocacy groups, and industry conferences. He also guest lectures at Australian universities and represent Australia as an AI expert internationally. His mission is to enable responsible, ethical, sustainable, and conversational AI that benefits all stakeholders.


Nicole is a Vice President and General Manager with full P&L responsibility for an FMCG business. She is also a global marketing executive with 2 decades experience in driving the world’s most valuable brands in local, regional, and global leadership functions.

Nicole is an empowering leader who builds high-performance teams and attracts talent into her teams to transform marketing organizations (e.g., Mars Wrigley). She is also a renowned keynote speaker, presenter, and jury chair (e.g., Mumbrella Asia Awards, CMO Asia).

Nicole was a inalist of the ‘Telstra Business Woman of the Year’ Asia award in 2017 and is a founding board member of “The Van Wright Foundation,” an organization that raises research funds for a cure for the rare MECP2 syndrome.

Nicole loves trying to understand what makes people tick. It is this very fascination that drives Nicole to establish balances between global and local marketing agendas and perspectives. Nicole believes that marketing is a people business so understanding and improving the lives of our consumers starts with us being on the journey ourselves.She believes in building compassionate and diverse teams made up of collaborative individuals.


Renee brings a diverse range of strategic and operational capabilities across the employment lifecycle, including:

- Organisational development and design (restructuring / workforce planning etc)
- Culture assessment and management
- Transformational change
- Engagement and retention programs
- Learning and development
- Workforce strategies
- Employment relations
- Talent acquisition
- Building people foundations for small - medium sized organisations

She has skills in coaching, project management, problem solving, interpersonal skills and critical thinking.Renee has a warm approach, a strong work ethic and an enthusiastic and reliable nature.

View the Rules of our DGR registered Incorporated Association charity (including other ASIC details).

View our 2022 Annual Report. 

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