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Further information about autism

We often get requests for further information about autism as well as discovering new and amazing resources, so over time, we have created this list of links to a range of resources about autism that we've found useful or that our community has shared with us.

On this page, you can find links to organisations and networks in Victoria, around Australia, and around the world. There's also a list of resources for by and for autistic individuals as well as parents, carers, supporters, employers, and teachers.

There are lots of links here, but new resources are being created all the time, and we know that there are a lot more that we may not know about. If you have a great resource, website, or book recommendation for us (or if one of the links below is broken), please get in touch with our AV admin team.

by the autistic community for the autistic community


Forums / Online Communities

  • Aspies for Freedom is an online open chat room for autistic adults (16+)
  • Wrong Planet is an online community designed for neurodivergent individuals and their parents and professionals in the area.
  • SANE Forums is an online community run by SANE Australia for people living with mental illness and their carers. The forums are moderated by health professionals in the background.
Support Groups and Networks
    Articles, books, and magazines



    • Amaze is a not for profit supporting the autistic community through resources, articles, advocacy, and their Autism Connect helpline.
    • Yellow Ladybugs run events and activities for autistic girls and non-binary young people.
    • I Can Network is an autistic-led not for profit organisation which provides programs and mentor opportunities to autistic secondary school students and young adults. 
    • Different Journeys run activities and events for autistic individuals and their families.

    Interstate and National Organisations

        International Organisations

        • Asperger / Autism Network (AANE) (USA) works with individuals, families, and professionals to help autistic people to build meaningful, connected lives.
        • Aspergers Experts (USA) provide a variety of supports for the autistic community.
        • GRASP - Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (USA) is an autistic- and neurodivergent-led not for profit focused on improving the lives of autistic adults through community outreach, peer supports, education, and advocacy.
        • Autism Speaks (USA) is the largest autism science and advocacy organisation in the USA. Please be aware that this organisation mentions cures and is not well regarded by the autistic community worldwide.
        • Autism Canada is the peak body for autism in Canada.

        Professionals specialising in autism

        • Tony Attwood is a global professional expert on autism. He has a range of books and resources and regularly runs events and webinars for various audiences.
        • Sue Larkey is an autism specialist, teacher and author. Sue's Larkey's website has many resources, seminar information and tip sheets, focussing on helping autistic children in the school environment.
        • Dr Wenn Lawson is an autistic author, consultant, autism expert, and speaker.
        • Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC), based at La Trobe University in Victoria, was established to advance knowledge on the nature and causes of autism, as well as to develop and study evidence-based strategies for supporting autistic individuals & families.

        For Supporters

        For Parents and Carers

        For Partners


        • Rise is a Victorian Goverment founded by the Department of Health and Human Services recruitment program which provides people on the autism spectrum with sustainable and meaningful employment options.

        • JobAccess is an Australian Government  website providing information about employment for people with disability

        • The Field Jobs is an accessible inclusive employment platform run by peers which lists job opportunities for people with disability

        • Inner Melbourne VET Cluster (IMVC) is a not for profit organisation providing vocational education to young people experiencing disadvantage.

        • YES Program provides young people aged 15 to 29 with a 12 month entry-level opportunity to work at the Victorian Public Service while completing accredited training.
        • Victorian Government Graduate Program 
        • Specialisterne delivers neurodiversity hiring programs via a non-traditional recruitment strategy that supports neurodivergent candidates to showcase their skills.
        • Neurodiversity Hub provides programs, skills and experience to support neurodivergent students to become work-ready by and building connections with organisations that value their talents.

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