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Why Become an AV Professional Member

Join our welcoming and inclusive AV member community! 

By joining AV as a professional member, you will be playing a vital role in the invaluable ongoing work AV does to provide opportunities for people with Aspergers, autistic people, and the wider neurodivergent community to connect, share stories and information, find meaningful employment opportunities, and most importantly, feel part of a community who just “gets” you.

By joining AV as a Professional Member, your organisation will:

  • Feel a sense of belonging and being part of community who value diversity and promote inclusivity

  • Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to inclusion and celebration of the autistic community

  • Know that you are supporting an organisation which supports both our and your autistic staff and clients while driving self-advocacy that develops and promotes systemic change

  • Present your brand as one which recognises autistic strengths and supports a community who ensures members are empowered.

  • Align your business to an organisation that is supportive and understanding.

  • Enhance your brand credibility and trust as autistic providers via your association with AV

  • Demonstrate that you provide products/services appropriate for and considerate of the needs of Aspergers autistic individuals.

  • Be making a financial contribution towards AV’s future sustainability and longevity.

  • Develop your understanding of autism and learn to better support and empower the autistic individuals in your team's professional and personal lives.

How to leverage your Professional Membership

  • Build your brand and attract best staff; add community value of your brand provides credibility and trust via association with AV

  • Support your team to build diverse workforce targets and access new sources of talent

  • Use advertising opportunities to reach more customers, expand your market and increase sales

  • Access customers who need your services directly via a credible source. 

  • Use your business leverage to amplify autistic voices and support autistic advocacy and employment

  • Access to advice and supports to build diverse, harmonious, inclusive workplaces

  • Access to expert lived experience knowledge, training and information

  • Empower your team members to feel safe, welcome, and celebrated at work

  • Easy access to shared knowledge, shared experience and shared understanding

  • Expand your organisations professional development offer through co-designed training and education resources

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