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Aspergers Victoria is nothing without our volunteers as we are a truly unique peer-led organisation. We welcome volunteers who donate their time, energy and enthusiasm to help empower and create change for our Aspergers community. If you believe inclusion and confidence are the best empowerment, we’d love your help to make a difference for our community.

 Apply to become a volunteer by emailing admin@aspergersvic.org.au, or fill in this form.

Key Roles we need help with

Non Board roles:
  • Events venue officer
  • Newsletter collator
  • Risk assessment project
  • Employment mentors/coaches
 Board roles: 
  • Communications co-ordinator (can be non board)
  • General member with Board and employment experience

    See below for more details or please contact us at:  
    admin@aspergersvic.org.au or capabilities@aspergersvic.org.au


    Do you want to contribute to empowering our Aspergers community? Discover the Happiness effect and see your impact through Aspergers Victoria !

    Being a unique peer-led organisation our volunteers are the heart of our organisation. Generous and passionate, Aspergers Victoria volunteers are passionate about contributing to and supporting our community. They’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. They like to make a difference, create change - and they do.

    There are many different ways for you to get involved with Aspergers Victoria and help create a better life for Aspergers and their families/carers. 

    Volunteering for Aspergers Victoria offers many benefits including the "happiness"effect of giving back. You can help empower Aspergers, change their lives as well as make new friends, feel part of a bigger community and improve your experience for your CV.  Aspergers Victoria also wants to make its volunteering experience as great as possible so welcomes feedback.

    Apply now - send us an email at admin@aspergersvic.org.au

    How is volunteering at Aspergers Victoria different?

    • We are unique being a peer operated and led organisation so our volunteers become part of our family
    • You are not reporting to paid staff
    • You can see the impact of your support in our community
    • Our volunteers are a dedicated and interesting neurodiverse team
    •  We are dedicated to creating an enjoyable, safe and rewarding experience for our volunteers
    • We provide our volunteers with specific training, not available elsewhere
    • Our volunteers have a voice and we listen through conversations, regular surveys and your advice from our consultation committee
    • We celebrate our volunteer milestones and outstanding achievements
    • We have volunteer events where volunteers can meet more in our community
    • Many of our roles can be done remotely - you don't need to be physically in our office. 

      Aspergers Victoria is committed to meeting Volunteering Australia’s National Standards for Involving Volunteers and are a signatory of the Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteers.

      Why volunteer with Aspergers Victoria?

      You will:

      • Contribute to change for empower our Aspergers
      • Learn new skills, gain experience and receive free training
      • Meet truly inspirational people 
      • Discover peer support from our team
      • Discounted tickets to AV events
      • Learn so much about yourself and the latest about Aspergers/neurodiversity
      • Create friendships and build your self confidence
      • Make a real difference to our Aspergers members and beyond
      • Build a more impressive CV for employers through this experience and we provide references
      • Feel the positive boost of giving back
      • Volunteer FAQ

      Types of volunteers

      We welcome volunteers of all sorts of skills. We welcome more Aspergers and neurodiverse minds to deliver our peer support. Most of our volunteers have lived experience of Aspergers as an Asperger, Parent, carer, partner, cousin, sibling, or professionals who support our community. However you don't need lived experience to make a difference for our community.  Our roles are mainly done remotely from home except for Board, Event days and Groups.

      Board Roles

      We welcome those with a passion to drive change for our community, as well as suitable board, governance and/or strategy experience to be on our Board, which meets monthly. This is a fulfilling group to work with. This currently has volunteer President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Capabilities and Groups roles. 

      We welcome and encourage Aspergers and neurodiversity on our board and in all roles. 

      Sub committees

      We have various committees you can join to contribute:
      • Employment committee- we have some exciting new projects underway and would welcome anyone who has the skills to assist making these projects happen including:
        • Aspergers in work or with experience in work
        • those experienced with supporting Aspergers at work
        • those wanting to train as a coach to build our support further
        • finding and educating employers about the benefits of Aspergers for their productivity
        • we have a new project coming as well ...
      • Events committee -  We currently are missing an events leader - we have a great team and just need someone to oversee this group. Do you have events experience that could help us? This committee organises our community educational events across the year.
      • Governance committee - we need volunteers with experience overseeing governance including project outcomes measurement and evaluation.


      We need someone to help drive our communications - including moving our newsletter to online, coordinating news content, social media and/or PR. This requires a few hours per month with lots of material available. We have a wonderful volunteer PR expert advisor to support this role. 

      We welcome blogs and articles contributed from our members. 


      We would welcome more support with our funding approach including donations, philanthropy and preparing and writing grants. Please contact us if you have any experience making funding pitches, writing grants or running funding projects. 


      With our Peer Groups we'd welcome: 

      • Peer Group Leaders - we'd love to cover more locations
      • Peer Group supporters - to help organise our Peer Groups

      These roles have training involved. We can forward you the role outline which ensures we maintain effective groups for our community.

      Help Team

      We need volunteers to help answer query emails seeking information and some calls from our community. This role takes a few hours across one week per month. 


      Paperwork waits for no-one. AV is always looking for administrative support, someone to answer phones, do data entry, filing and everything in between.

      If you can commit to helping one day a month during office hours, we’d love to hear from you.


      We need help updating and managing our website and database. It is a very simple system and no expertise is required just  good technology skills and understanding.  Please let us know if you can assist!

      Please contact us with any queries at admin@aspergersvic.org.au or capabilities@aspergersvic.org.au.

      We rely on donations and memberships to undertake our important work as a volunteer run organisation. Donate now and help us to improve outcomes for people with Aspergers.  All donations are tax deductible.

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      Aspergers Victoria Inc is an Australian registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status.

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