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Research Requests

  • Aspergers Victoria regularly receives requests from researchers to advertise opportunities for our members to be participants in their research projects. Listed below are current projects. Please ensure you investigate the requirements carefully before deciding to be involved.

If you are a Researcher and have an authorised research study that is relevant to what we do, our members and which may be appropriate for us to publicise on our website, please complete the Research Request form and send an email to the Research Requests Co-ordinator with a copy of the research project that you want publicised through us and a copy of the ethics approval associated with the research. We will consider your request and respond to you as soon as possible. We would also appreciate you forwarding us the report or summary at the end of your project, so we may inform our members of the outcome of the research projects they may participate in.

Current Research seeking participants 

Latrobe Uni - Social Challenges in the Workplace Research:

Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre OTARC are seeking adult employees (or their supervisors/support wrokers) to be part of a research into the social challenges individuals on the autism spectrum have experienced in the workplace.   

Who can participate?

  • Adults aged 18 years and over who are currently employed, with a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition
  • Supervisors or support staff who support employees on the autism spectrum in the workplace. 
What does participating involve?
  • Completing an online survey, where you will be asked to describe up to 10 examples of: i) times when individuals on the autism spectrum have misinterpreted or were not aware of social rules in the workplace, or ii) times when the social intentions of employees on the spectrum have been misinterpreted by other employees.
  • Survey may take from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of examples and the amount of detail in the responses.
  • Access the study here and view an information sheeet. 
Please contact Dr Simon Bury at s.bury@latrobe.edu.au 
Where can I find further information?

Latrobe Uni - Power Posing to Increase Confidence, Power & Emotion Regulation:

Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre OTARC are seeking adults to be part of a project to investigate the sensory experience of interoception, iindicating the awareness of internal body stimuli and whether power posing improves this awareness. Participants will receive a $50 Coles/ Myer gift card as reimbursement for completing the study. 

Who can participate?

  • Adults aged 18-70 years with a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition
What does participating involve?
  • Completing 1 hour behavioural tests three times over three weeks (count your heart beat, drink water until you feel full, power breathing) at the the OTARC lab at La Trobe University, Bundoora.  During these appointments, participants will learn how to do a body scan and will receive power posing training. 
  • Completing on-line surveys three times over three weeks In their own time associated with these visits.
  • Learn three different power poses and practise for one week at home (twice daily).
  • The investigators will also take common measures of interoceptive accuracy including heart-beat, respiration and ability to sense feeling full. 
Please contact Madeleine Russell-Maynard by email at 17410535@students.latrobe.edu.au 
Where can I find further information?

Swinburne Uni Visual decoding of emotional facial &  body perception

Swinburne Uni are seeking adults with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, to help understand individual differences in visual decoding of emotional body and face stimuli.

Who can participate?

  • 18-40 year old adults with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. 
  • No vision, neurological or epileptic disorders or impairments. 
  • English proficient. 
  • Based in Melbourne, Victoria.
What does participating involve?
  • Completing an initial 15 minute online questionnaire assessing personality demographics, autism impairments and traits and social anxiety. 
  • Attending an 2.5 hour EEG brain imaging session whilst performing a series of visual computerised tasks, located at Swinburne University, Hawthorn.
Please contact Professor David Crewther by email at dcrewther@swin.edu.au
Where can I find further information?

Charles Sturt Uni - Autism Anxiety & Eye Contact :

Charles Sturt Uni are seeking adults who are on the autism spectrum or who are partners, parents/carers of someone on the autism spectrum, to chat about autism, anxiety and facial gaze.

Who can participate?

  • Adults aged over 18 years, with a confirmed ASD diagnosis, or  partners, parents/carers (over 18 years) of such adults. 
What does participating involve?
  • Participating in a 30 min to 1 hour semi-structured interview (online or in person)
  • Interview can take place either online (Skype) or at a library local to you. 
Please contact Donna Milne via email: dmilne@csu.edu.au or phone: 0438056471 
Where can I find further information?

Monash Uni Fitness Tracker and Physical Activity Research:

Monash Uni are seeking adults with ASD to compare the effectiveness of using paper forms versus technology (specifically fitness trackers) in supporting self-management procedures to increase physical activity in adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Who can participate?

  • Individuals over 18 years of age on the autism spectrum 
  • Based in Metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria
  • Able to participate in physical activity (e.g jog or walk) 
  • Able to read basic English 
  • No issues with wearing a fitness tracker on the wrist over six weeks
What does participating involve?
  • Meet with the researcher at the start and end of the study for a discussion. 
  •  Be trained to use self-management strategies to increase physical activity (jog and walk). 
  • Wear a fitness tracker for six weeks. 
  • Set goals, record progress, monitor physical activity levels.
  • Meet with the researcher five days per week (20 minutes/meeting) to discuss progress.
Please contact Gladys Lai Cheng Chia by email : Lai-Cheng.Chia@monash.edu 
Where can I find further information?

Influences on Choosing Interventions for Children on the Autism Spectrum

ACU are seeking parents of children on the autism spectrum, who are interested in being involved in a study aimed at learning more about what influences parents when making intervention decisions and to identify new ways to support parents with that decision-making. 

Who can participate?

  • Parents/Carers of children 4-11 years of age
  • On the autism spectrum 
  • Based in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Received a diagnosis more than 6 months ago 
What does participating involve?
  • Completomg a background questionnaire
  • Attending (or via phone) a 1 hour interview with a researcher at Australain Catholic University, Fitzroy, (or other convenient location).
  • Bringing copies of reports to verify your child's diagnostic information (e.g. age at diagnosis).
Please contact Meghan Wilson (PhD candidate) at Meghan.wilson@myacu.edu.au if you are interested.  
View the ACU's Participant flyer.pdf and the Ethics Approval Letter

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