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Research Requests

Aspergers Victoria regularly receives requests from researchers to advertise opportunities for our members to be involved in research projects.

Listed below are current projects. Please ensure you check out the requirements carefully before deciding to be involved.

If you have a research study that is relevant to what we do and which may be appropriate for us to publicise on our website, please send an email to the Research Requests Co-ordinator with a copy of the research project that you want publicised through us, together with a short summary of the research project and a copy of the ethics approval associated with the research. We will consider your request and respond to you as soon as possible.

We would also appreciate you forwarding us the report or summary at the end of your project, so we may inform our members of the outcome of the research projects they may participate in.


OTARC are seeking adults on the autism spectrum who are interested in being involved in a consultative group for a research project aimed at developing an insomnia intervention for adults on the spectrum. 

Who can participate?

  • Individual over 18 years of age
  • On the autism spectrum 
  • Based in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Experienced sleep difficulties and/or psychological intervention 
What does participating involve?
  • Attending monthly meetings at La Trobe University, Melbourne 
  • Providing advice over email as necessary 
  • Assisting in the adaptation of an insomnia intervention program 
Please contact Dr Lauren Lawson on l.lawson@latrobe.edu.au by if you are interested. Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre 

Dr Emma Sciberras spoke with ABC RadioMelbourne about our world first Sleeping Sound with ASD trial, and the importance of improving sleep for children with autism.  Families can find more information and register interest at www.sleepingsoundASD.com.au.

ABC lnterview: http://www.abc.net.au/radio/melbourne/programs/afternoons/autism-and-sleep/9397422

 Kidspot editorial: http://www.kidspot.com.au/parenting/real-life/in-the-news/world-first-autism-sleep-study-aims-to-help-alleviate-parents-stress/news-story/b7c182439efa05663440cd0e16321fef

Herald Sun website: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/study-to-test-how-better-sleep-can-help-children-with-autism/news-story/f0cd8fde5e49b4ceab9410672fc66c1c?csp=cd7086836919996904fc7888f26ba421

Email: sleepingsound@deakin.edu.au • Call (03) 9246 8937 • SMS 0458 430 684

Pathways Beyond Diagnosis Study

Are you a parent of a preschool aged child (under 6 years of age)? Does your child have a diagnosis of autism? Take part in the Family Support Program by sharing your experiences post diagnosis. Click the link  to complete an online questionnaire. 


ACU are seeking parents of children on the autism spectrum, who are interested in being involved in a study aimed at learning more about what influences parents when making intervention decisions and to identify new ways to support parents with that decision-making. 

Who can participate?

  • Parents/Carers of children 4-11 years of age
  • On the autism spectrum 
  • Based in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Received a diagnosis more than 6 months ago 
What does participating involve?
  • Completomg a background questionnaire
  • Attending a 1 hour interview with a researcher at Australain Catholic University, Fitzroy, (or other convenient location to you).
  • Bringing copies of reports to verify your child's diagnostic information (e.g. age at diagnosis).
Please contact Meghan Wilson (PhD candidate) at Meghan.wilson@myacu.edu.au if you are interested.  
View the ACU's Are you a parent of a child on the autism spectrum flyer and the Ethics Approval Letter

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