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Research Requests

Aspergers Victoria regularly receives requests from researchers to advertise opportunities for our members to be participants in their research projects. Listed below are current projects. Please ensure you investigate the requirements carefully before deciding to be involved.

If you are a Researcher and have an authorised research study that is relevant to what we do, our members and which may be appropriate for us to publicise on our website, please complete the Research Request form and send an email to the Research Requests Co-ordinator with a copy of the research project that you want publicised through us and a copy of the ethics approval associated with the research. We will consider your request and respond to you as soon as possible. We would also appreciate you forwarding us the report or summary at the end of your project, so we may inform our members of the outcome of the research projects they may participate in.

Current Research seeking participants

Self-compassion and emotion regulation in Autistic adults

This study is to investigate if there is a relationship between autistic adults' level of self-compassion and mental health outcomes.

Who is doing this research?

Ru Ying Cai and the research team at Aspect.

Who can participate?

Adults (18 years or over). No other demographic requirements.

What does participating involve?

Participants will be asked to complete a 15 minute online survey. They can also sign-up to an optional interview.

You may complete the survey by following this link: https://tinyurl.com/AutismSelfCompassion

Interviews will be conducted via telephone or video call (whichever option the participants prefer).

You can contact Ru Ying Cai via email or phone: ryingcai@autismspectrum.org.au, 0402 437 928

Study closes: July 31 2021


Researchers at Deakin University are interested in what helps and what damages romantic relationships among autistic individuals. We believe this may help inform a program to support autistic people to develop better romantic relationships.

Who is doing this research?

Researchers at Deakin University

Who can participate?

If you are at least 18 years old and:

·         You are autistic (you do not have to have current or previous relationship experience to take part); or

·         You are currently in or previously had a relationship with an autistic individual,

What does participating involve? 

We ask if you would participate in an online survey about your romantic and possibly sexual relationship experiences, as well as your personality traits. This survey may take up to 45 minutes to complete.

To help you decide whether or not you would like to participate, you may read the Plain Language Statement for this study here:


To take part in the survey, go to:


For more information on this research, please contact Ying at ryew@deakin.edu.au

This study has received Deakin University ethics approval (reference number: 2020-344).

Feel free to share this with other people who may also be interested in participating!

**Update** Enter the draw to win 1 of 20 Amazon gift cards valued at $20 (AUD) upon completion of this survey!”

(If you completed the survey during our first round of advertising and would like to be retrospectively entered into the prize draw, please email Ying at ryew@deakin.edu.au to let us know)

Study closes: December 2022


To better understand the needs of autistic girls and women in Australia, we want to ask autistic women and girls (including cis, trans, non-binary, gender diverse etc) what they think are important areas for research. 

This is an autistic led project that will only include autistic people. 

This information will be used to develop an autistic-led research agenda for autistic girls and women. 

Who is doing this research? 

This research project is being led by an advisory group of autistic adults, with a range of backgrounds and experiences. 

This group is working with Dr Rachel Grove from the University of Technology Sydney, who is a psychologist and researcher with a focus on autistic women and girls. 

I am the research assistant for this project, and will be the person contacting participants and conducting the interviews. I am also autistic. 

Who can participate?

Adults who are over the age of 18 and live in Australia are able to participate 

Girls who are over the age of 7 and live in Australia are able to participate 

What does participating involve? 

We are conducting interviews with both autistic women and girls (including cis, trans, non-binary, gender diverse etc)  

Both the autistic women and girls will be asked to: 

1.      Complete a 10 minute background questionnaire 

2.      Participate in a 1 to 2 hour interview 

 This project has approval from the University of Technology of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee. 

This project is designed by autistic women. You will be interviewed by an autistic woman.  

Please email us if you are interested: autistic.womenandgirls@uts.edu.au

Study closes: May 2021


A randomised-controlled trial of a behavioural intervention for optimising social and communication development of newborns with a genetic link to ASD, ADHD or Intellectual Disability.

The study commences in the third antenatal trimester of pregnancy and continues until the child turns 2 years of age.

Who is doing this research?

CAPTeam - Childhood Autism Phenotype Team, at La Trobe  University

Who can participate?

Pregnant women whose baby has a family history of Autism, ADHD, or Intellectual Disability

What does participating involve? 

The CUB study participation involves being randomised into one of the two study groups.  50% of participants will be allocated the developmental monitoring group, while the other half will be allocated to the intervention group.  

This research is investigating a new program that runs from the third antenatal trimester through to when the baby is 8 months of age. Through this randomised control trial, we are exploring whether this program may help parents understand more about their baby’s early social and communication skills, and in the process assist their baby’s development.  All participating babies will receive developmental monitoring as part of the trial.

More information at CAPTeam, Childhood Autism Phenotype Team current studies: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/psychology/research/research-areas/developmental-psychology/CAPTeam/current-studies

Contact: Alex Aulich, Study Coordinator: CUBS@latrobe.edu.au

Closing date: December 30 2021

    Monash Uni - coping with life events 

    Monash Uni are seeking adolescents, their parents and teachers for a study on how they are coping with life events.   

    Who can participate?

    • Adolescents aged 12-18 years with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.
    • Parents and teachers of the adolescents. 
    What does participating involve?
    • Completing a series of rating scales.  
    Where can I find further information?

    Study closes: End of July 2021

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