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Aspergers Day 18th February : Celebrating Over 28 Years of Empowering Aspergers

Book your ticket now! Come celebrate with us all

Our truly unique peer-led, for purpose organisation is celebrating Aspergers, celebrating strengths and celebrating 28 years of support. Details about our celebration events are now ready with a breakfast and a comedy night! You can book your ticket here.

Since our establishment in 1991 our model has been under-pinned by the power of peer support and lived experience, delivering sector leading peer programs and services to empower our neurodiverse Aspergers community. 

We provide a range of member services across the lifespan from kids to adults, parents and carers, professionals and employers to support discovery of strengths and empower our community: 

Groups & Events

About Us

Aspergers Victoria has been actively supporting people with Aspergers for the past 25 years. Our services, support and advocacy are provided by a dedicated team of peer volunteers.

Our organisation is overseen by a Board of Management who tirelessly give their time to ensure that services truly reflect the requirements of the Asperger population.

However we need your support - either by way of volunteering, become a member or give a tax deductible donation. Visit our Join Us page for more details or give a donation to support the expenses and training of our Volunteers here 

Getting a Diagnosis

Knowing whether to get a diagnosis or knowing what to do once you've received a diagnosis are challenging times, regardless of age or time of life.

Our people all have our own personal experiences of Aspergers and understand what you are going through, with access to knowledge of what may help.  It is that lived experience that sets us apart - we're here to help.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a more inclusive world for Aspergers.  We believe that greater understanding and acceptance of Aspergers is critical for Aspergers people to discover meaningful and connected futures, while facilitating individual empowerment.  

Our mission is to support all communities to improve their understanding of Aspergers and so empower Aspergers to have the confidence to realise their own strengths, abilities, dreams and ambitions - and discover independence - while managing challenges, across their lives. 

We welcome and need volunteer support to deliver our services outlined here

Key Roles we need your help with:

Non Board roles:
  • Volunteer co-ordinator
  • Website information manager
  • Newsletter collator
  • Risk assessment project
  • Employment mentors/coaches
 Board roles: 
  • Board member with HR experience
  • Board member with business/service delivery experience

See our Volunteer webpage for more details or please contact us at:  

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Thank you to our supporters

  • Sisters of Charity
  • Colliers Trust
  • AFDO
  • Our Members, Volunteers and Ambassadors
  • DHHS
  • Eastern Printing
  • All who have donated to AV


We rely on donations and memberships to provide specialised support, advocate for change and fill the gap in the specific services our community needs. Donate now and help us empower Aspergers.  All donations are tax deductible.

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Aspergers Victoria Inc is an Australian registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status.

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