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Celebrating the Strengths of Aspergers autistic

Our truly unique peer-led, for-purpose organisation is celebrating our autistics, celebrating strengths and celebrating 31 years of support. Since 1991, our organisation has been driven by the power of peer support and lived experience, delivering sector leading peer programs and services to empower our neurodivergent Aspergers autistic community.

We provide a range of member grassroot support services across the lifespan from kids to adults, parents and carers, professionals and employers to support discovery of strengths, manage challenges, and empower by Aspies, for Aspies, with Aspies. Our Board all have lived experience as do all of our staff and our volunteers.

We have maintained our name with Aspergers due to our member community feedback. We understand and support how an individual describes their neurology is an individual thing. This may be Aspergers, autistic person, on the Spectrum, Aspie and more. Given our limited resources, we focus our service for a specific niche part of our community's spectrum who often face hidden but shared issues in their own way. We deliver empowerment through: 

Peer MEETINGs & Events

Employment & Training

We offer:  

  • Neurodivergent Job Coaching Support
  • Employer & Manager coaching
  • Co-worker training 
  • Work experience readiness workshops
  • Work experience placement support

About Us

AV has been actively supporting autistic people who identify with Aspergers often hidden characteristics for over 31 years.

Our services, support and advocacy are provided by a dedicated team of staff and peer volunteers, all with lived experience.

AV is committed to promoting and protecting the safety and well-being of children using our services. We seek to promote and protect the rights of all children attending our activities and prevent abuse from occurring by fostering a child safe culture. AV will present environments and experiences that consider and put measures in place to ensure the respect and safety of children.

Our Vision

Our vision is : A world where the strengths of all Asperger Autistics are celebrated, realised and valued

Our mission is : Aspergers Victoria inspires, empowers and supports AspergersAutistics, and other neurodiverse profiles, to be themselves and realise their ambitions through social connection, employment inclusion and advocacy across their lives.  Our purpose is to provide individuals, families, businesses and professionals with opportunities to connect, be part of communities and share knowhow - with a focus on inclusion, strengths and respect. 

Our vision is to create a more inclusive world for Aspergers autistics. We believe that greater understanding and acceptance of Aspergers autistics is critical... 

Get Involved

Membership is based on an annual subscription. Membership is open to Aspergers autistics, their loved ones and supporters.

We offer several different membership options to suit you. 

We also have a range of volunteer roles available including:

  • Events Co-ordinator
  • Policies supervisor
  • Board Member: communications

Also we have staff roles including contractor roles regularly coming up including for coaches

All our team have lived experience. 

Getting a Diagnosis

Knowing whether to get a diagnosis or knowing what to do once you've received a diagnosis are challenging times, regardless of age or time of life.


Aspie Stories & Testimonials

Our truly unique peer-led, for-purpose organisation is celebrating Aspergers, celebrating strengths and celebrating 28 years of support.

Since 1991 our organisation has been driven by the power of peer support and lived experience, delivering sector leading peer programs and services to empower our neurodiverse Aspergers community.

Thank you to our supporters

                        Power Neighbourhood House

AV is committed to the safety, inclusion and wellbeing of children. We invite you to read our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety. If you have feedback, thoughts, or suggestions, please contact our AV admin team. We especially welcome input from children and young people.

ABN 47 066 180 983

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