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AV's Dungeons & Dragons Program

If you've heard of Dungeons & Dragons but not sure what it's all about, or if you're a seasoned D&D player looking for a new group, you are most welcome in our AV D&D program!

D&D is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game, driven by imagination - it’s about picturing a crumbling castle in a darkening forest guarded by a fire-breathing dragon and foreboding monsters, and imagining how your character might react to the scene, and how you and your team of adventurers can work together to defeat the demon, to explore the castle, and to continue their quest. Your Dungeon Master (DM) will create a fantastic storyline for you to experience and guide you and your team through the challenges while also providing guidance on appropriate behaviour and helping you all to work as a team and to have a great time together. 

AV has been running D&D groups since 2019. In 2020, we moved our D&D programs to an online format taking place via Zoom, and the program has continued to grow. We’re adding more groups, more session times, more Dungeon Masters, and more age groups, allowing AV to provide hours of questing and adventuring fun and social connection to our members, as well as providing opportunities for meaningful ongoing employment to the Aspergers autistic community.


Our D&D program is open to AV members aged 10 and older, and we welcome players of all skill levels.

New players to D&D might be interested in joining one of our Introduction to D&D workshops - add your name to our Expression of Interest to make sure you receive updates and registration announcements. 

Registrations for D&D Programs in 2022

Registration for our Term 3 program will be opening soon. To ensure we contact you when details are released in a few weeks, please add your name to the AV mailing list using the instructions below.

If you're already in contact with AV, make sure you have added Dungeons & Dragons to your Areas of Interest

Introduction to D&D Workshops

We've had a lot of feedback from our community asking for resources for new players who either haven't played D&D before, or who need an introduction to the game and some help creating a character, so we've worked with our Dungeon Masters to create two pairs of workshops! Available to members and non-members, from age 10 up, these workshops cover basic D&D gameplay, character creation, and also include a one-session D&D quest with a post-game Q&A to help prepare you to join our full-term programs.

We have run two rounds of these workshops, and we will be running more in the future. Keep checking our website for more information.

Women & Non-Binary D&D Pilot Group

AV's Dungeons & Dragons program is one of AV's most popular programs, and the AV team are looking for ways to make the program more inclusive for people of all genders. We are running a pilot D&D group for women (cis and trans) and non-binary folk in Term 3 of 2022. The Dungeon Master for this group will also be a woman. For more information, click the session date below that suits your schedule. Links will be active and registration will open from Saturday 10 June.

Group 1: Thursday 4pm to 7pm

Group 2: Saturday 2pm to 5pm

Join the AV Mailing List

If you're interested in receiving emails about the AV Dungeons & Dragons program, including program announcements and registration opening dates, please add your name to our AV mailing list. Visit the Join our AV Mailing List page, enter your first name and your email address, and make sure you tick "Interest Groups - Dungeons & Dragons" as an area of interest, as well as any other topics you're interested in, and we'll include you in future emails.

AV's D&D Program is one of our member benefits, which means that in order to register, you will need to be a current member of Aspergers Victoria. You can find out more about our membership options on our membership page, or contact our Memberships Coordinator for assistance.

AV D&D Documents for players and families

We've noticed that many players and families have similar questions about AV's D&D Program, so our admin team and DMs have put together some documents to help you find answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

  • AV D&D Rules (updated version coming soon). Created by our DMs and admin team, the AV D&D Rules give players and parents a clear idea of what behaviour is appropriate within our D&D program to make sure everyone has a really enjoyable time in the sessions. Please read through this with your player before registering.

If you still need more information or have questions, please contact our AV Admin team.

We look forward to questing with you!

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