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Just so you know our Letter to the Editor highlighting the media's inappropriate discussion about autism was published by The Age this week and reached 59,000 on social media and more on our website. Our community's responses have been overwhelmingly appreciative. Thank you to everyone!

This advocacy for our community is a small part of what we have achieved this year, our 27th year of focused support to empower our wonderful Aspergers community. 

We have achieved change, community, and education all through your memberships, our wonderful volunteers' efforts and your generous donations and we are on the cusp of more programs to empower our Aspergers

Your donation supports our Aspergers community through our programs  - some revamped and some new - which will be rolled out by our team this coming year. It could go towards: 

  • Our NEW World of Work work experience program for teens and young adults (with Rotary)
  • NEW Mentors training for our Aspergers mentor program
  • NEW Workplace coaching and career sessions designed specifically for Aspergers 
  • Volunteer peer group leader training costs
  • Support of several new alliance peer groups e.g. School Phobia/Can't, Spectrum Intersections
  • The costs to run our online forums
  • Trainers to run our designed workshops that build life skills
  • Ensuring your Aspergers voice continues to be heard at various levels in government

This is an exciting year ahead for all of us and we would welcome your support by way of a donation. 

Your donation is focused for Aspergers and their families, who so often miss out on other funding and supports. Those who often don't want to declare their Aspergers and quietly seek AV's empowering support.

Every dollar you contribute helps our community, and as we have Deductible Gift Receipt status, your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt. 

Thank you for your support and thank you to all our amazing Volunteers and especially our Board who make this all happen. Please visit https://aspergersvic.org.au/Donate

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We rely on donations and memberships to undertake our important work as a volunteer run organisation. Donate now and help us to improve outcomes for people with Aspergers.  All donations are tax deductible.

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