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Upcoming Events

 Please keep up to date with our COVID_19 Outline posted on this website. All of our face2 face meet-ups have moved to Zoom online so please check details before attending. 

We have some interesting events for our Aspergers community coming up and also we have  listed our Peer Group Meetings and Courses for you to book all listed here for you. Register here for updates about AV's events as they are posted.  

Bookings for our Peer Meet-ups are so we can manage numbers due to their increasing popularity. For more details about our Peer Meet-ups please visit here. These Meetings are for those who are independent, with no carers present, except for our u18 Meetings where parents stay on premises in a separate area. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for our event Tickets here.  Please note that images may be recorded at our events and meeting so please notify Admin if you do not wish your image or your child's recorded. 

Our events and meetings are run by our amazing team of volunteers. Please thank them for their contribution if you get a chance. 

ABN 47 066 180 983

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