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Training Offerings

Teaching and Supporting Neurodiverse Primary Children

Tailored specifically for teaching, support and administrative staff for primary and pre-primary aged children, this two hour class provides both an overview of not just Aspergers and autism, but also typical behavioural presentations of a range of neurodivergent profiles.  Also, you'll learn a range of practical strategies to help you support, nurture and develop these children so they get the most out of their time at school or at outside school care.

We can tailor to suit your needs. Please contact us for a quote.

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Coaching Neurodiverse Employees and Students

With a focus on Aspergers, autism, and other similar neurodivergent profiles, this workshop provides not just an understanding of these and how they can often present but will teach you core coaching skills and practical strategies to apply those skills effectively for neurodiverse people.

A useful combination of skills and learning to support employees and tertiary students but could readily be applied in a wide range of situations where coaching or mentoring is being undertaken.

We can also cater for groups and deliver the training at your premises.  Contact us for a quote.

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