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  • 8 Apr 2019 3:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please go to this link here to buy your Entertainbook Book that will support Aspergers Victoria's team. Thank you for your support of our volunteer services. 

  • 14 Mar 2019 11:55 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By Tamsin Jowett 13thMarch 2019 (speech given about neurodiversity)

    Aspergers to me and AV is simply a different neurology, part of the autism spectrum.  We see how this different mind offers so many strengths, sometimes with communication and cultural differences.   

    So I am the President of Aspergers Victoria (AV). This is a small volunteer run not for profit of 18 years, run by passionate people with Aspergers lived experience to empower our Aspergers community. 

    I believe I have grown up with Aspergers around me without realising I was within that interesting culture, so I continue to learn more as I try empower the membership community at Aspergers Victoria. 

    AV’s key focus now is on the growing employment issue with the majority of our Aspergers facing unemployment when they are intelligent, creative and dedicated specialist expert staff – but have struggles with the social and communication aspects of life. It is a silent crisis that's looming. 

    I have seen the amazing potential of Aspergers minds with many professionals such a surgeons, accountants, engineers, artists, CEOs and more having this high intellect neurology. To name a few that are mentioned online like few Bill Gates, Nicola Tesla, Jane Austen, Anthony Hopkins, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Munroe, Einstein who all found their creative call and had differences accepted and celebrated – but not without their challenges. 

    In the USA they have approximately 1 in 50 or so with autism they say and Australia where we have had few autism measures we’re saying 1 in 100 but we know it’s more with many undiagnosed or not disclosing. As Amaze research says over 80% know an autistic but only 20+% understand what that means. 

    No serious discussion about the topic of business innovation, learning, and collaboration can afford to ignore neurodiversity. Neurodiversity is key to innovation. In particular people with Aspergers minds who think and work differently – who simply require some basic adjustments to flourish and contribute. Who after a short period can change and improve your systems, contribute ideas, and dedicate all hours to solving issues beyond others’ capacity. 

    Each individual is different – and this concept that there is a “normal” is misleading and a myth. My father, a GP, always told me "there is no normal!". The concept of Neurodiversity recognises this – as the term’s creator Judy Singer says 'neurodiversity relates to all beings – all humans' and how neuro-difference is part of humanity. Its part of our culture mix.

    Aspergers is part of the basket of recognised neurological differences of neurodiversity which can include ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and tics. These are NOT mental health conditions but simply brain differences. 

    This involves a major shift away from the medical pathologising paradigm of Aspergers, autism and other neurodiverse minds as disabled with the value dismissed.

    Instead of continuing to categorise our Aspergers specialists so difference is disability, Im talking about a shift in cultural values, in particular a proper appreciation of the value of human diversity in our social and employment norms. 

    This means a shift in our approach to valuing Aspergers' specialties in knowledge, process and innovation – and a shift to inclusive work environments. To valuing their amazing productivity, loyalty and focus at work. Not dismissing autistics due to any social quirks or differences. 

    This inclusive approach requires a cultural shift, moving from the unconscious bias in recruitment where you recruit “people like us” and from systems that encourage employees to be the same - to appreciating the business benefits of having different minds who can see your work, your approaches and your service in a new light. It also means changing your culture so Aspergers and other neurodiverse staff can work at their best. I am so pleased many Melbourne companies and departments are embarking on this important journey such as ANZ, NAB, PTV and DHHS. Jobs Victoria are also working hard at encouraging change. 

    Your work culture, environment and approaches for our diverse individuals can either facilitate or inhibit their contribution. Approaches to consider include :

    -       how you recruit: interviews only test how good people are at interviews, not role suitability. Aspie strengths wont show here - maybe you can walk and talk instead of sitting face to face or do a trial week? 

    -       how you assess performance: what about dedication to results, instead of team communication style

    -       how you brief your team:  not just verbal but clear written instructions that suits literal thinkers

    -       It may be letting people come to the office later so they don't have the sensory overload of public transport at peak hour, which can mean an hour recovering before they’re productive

    -   Realising your office environment has sensory impacts such as downlights, sounds of equipment or talking, and open plan: I know of one Asperger that built a 3 sided cubicle for themselves near a window

    -       Even scheduling in daily plans to allow more movement breaks such as walks outside

    Aspergers Victoria now has work coaches who help companies adapt their systems, environments and manage cultural and communication adaptations that a neurodiverse individual requires so their potential is not limited by allistic systems of work. 

    As many diversity and inclusion teams know, this needs to extends beyond recruitment to an inclusive culture that impacts how you design, deliver and manage your products and especially services for the end user. You will have neurodiverse customers as well you should consider.  

    For transport, this means when an inspector checks a ticket , he knows not to make the wrong assumptions when the person can't look them in the eye. It means looking at train design for lightings, sound dampening and layouts so they can be more autistic friendly. Maybe offer one or two quiet train carriages per train with no mobile use. It means lots of warning about transport schedule changes which lead to anxiety for neurodiverse Aspies who can’t manage change. Have customer service trained to assist anxious Aspie commuters who can’t manage such change – or crowds. 

    I love discovering more neurodiverse people every day in my life. I am so lucky to rub shoulders with such interesting thinkers and creators with wonderful strengths to offer, and who are here to help improve our world. We all just need to accept and understand them and welcome differences into our world. 

  • 18 Jan 2019 11:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Help us celebrate the world of Aspergers and International Aspergers Day on 18th February 2019 when we can highlight the contributions our Aspergers make across our community.

    The 18th of February is International Aspergers Day and we have many reasons to celebrate. It also will be our 28th birthday as a for purpose organisation empowering our Aspergers to reach their inspiration. 

    We will celebrate with an event which is in final stages of planning so please put a hold the date for 18th February in your diary with details to be confirmed soon. 

    For more about our reasons for celebration browse some of of pages about the strengths of Aspergers people in our website and social media. 

    More details coming soon...

  • 22 Nov 2018 8:23 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Last night we enjoyed a community celebration of the past year at our annual AGM. 

    It was a night to consider where we came from a year ago and how much has been achieved by our volunteers and Emma this year. So much change and support to empower our members and their supporters. 

    The finale were the performances by some of our members including poems, songs, jokes and dance moves. 

  • 2 Nov 2018 4:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Members are invited to join us at the Aspergers Victoria AGM on the 21st November 7pm at the Nerve Centre Blackburn. 

    Our AGM's short formal section will be followed by a celebration of our achievements over the year and a showcase of some of our member’s talents*, while Members share some food and drinks.

    This is a free event to celebrate and thank our members for their support this year, however we ask that you register for catering purposes. Donations to support our activities will also be welcome on the night.

    To attend the AGM you need to be a member of AV and register by:  Wed 7th November

    Register here.  View the full Notice of AGM and Agenda (pdf)

    *We are looking for more volunteers who would be happy to do a short (2-3 minute) performance on the night. Examples could be singing a song, playing an instrument, performing a comedy/ magic/drama performance, or your own unique talent. If you have an idea, suggest it via email to events@aspergersvic.org.au or include it in your event registration form. 

    We look forward to seeing you to catch up. 

  • 2 Nov 2018 4:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please join Amaze, Aspergers Victoria, Different Journeys, I CAN Network and Yellow Ladybugs for a special Victorian State Election Forum on 12 November 2018 at the State Library Victoria. 

    On 12 November, we are bringing together representatives from the Victorian Labor, Liberal, Greens and Reason parties to share with the autism community how their parties will act for autism. Book now at link below. 

    On the panel: 

    • Gabrielle Williams MP Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers

    • Bernie Finn MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Autism Spectrum Disorder

    • Samantha Ratnam MP Leader of the Victorian Greens

    • Fiona Patten MP Leader of Fiona Patten’s Reason Party

    Our confirmed moderator is ABC Investigative Journalist and 4 Corners Reporter Louise Milligan (Louise has an autistic son).

    Since 2015, lengthy inquiries and reviews into services for autistic people have resulted in hundreds of recommendations for improving supports, but not enough is being done. 55,000 autistic Victorians and their families are still waiting for change. It’s time to act for autism.

    BOOK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/act-for-autism-victorian-state-election-forum-presented-by-amaze-tickets-51848969664?fbclid=IwAR06nkTFUKlUFnBDCjyXHdDVqGx2EYYMQxpmT4pbjDR5_1ZqAqwJgVtnzIw

  • 25 Sep 2018 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    To all our community:  please send your Jobactive feedback, 

    The Senate has referred the inquiry into "the appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of jobactive" to the Education and Employment References Committee. 

    Aspergers Victoria is preparing a submission to go in this Friday highlighting our community's various Jobactive and employment issues. We need your help to advocate for change - by giving us your Jobactive feedback. 

    Your specific Jobactive experiences can give our submission more impact

    Please respond either through: 

    1. our brief Jobactive survey here by this Wednesday 26th September. 
    2. email me here or
    3. submit your own submission directly to the Government here

    The closing date for submissions is ​28 September 2018 and our volunteers need to finalise our final submission this Thursday so we are short on time but we can work fast - with your help.  

    We appreciate this is a short time frame and don't expect everyone to be able to respond in time.  We will use this information for our employment advocacy on other issues as well. 

    Thank you to our volunteers Gayle, Mark and Patrick for preparing this submission!

    Thank you, 

  • 25 Jul 2018 7:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are so excited to announce our partnership with Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) with our first funded PEM Emotion Training Program for those with Aspergers in Australia! Program starts on the 12th of August. See more at http://pem-acting.com about this method of learning to manage your own emotions. 

    Aspergers Victoria and the team at Perdekamp Emotional Regulation (PEM) are offering a special eight week workshop for our members. This workshop starts 12 August from 3pm to 6pm at the Nerve Centre and you need to attend the whole series. This innovative emotion management workshop follows on from our very successful pilot workshop conducted in April this year.  

    PEM is an innovative methodology which provides direct, effortless and guideable access to authentic emotions on a purely physical basis, without recourse to personal experiences or emotional memory.  It's an organic and fast approach which grants security, flexibiliity and reliability, and works with an unheard-of simplicity and effectiveness in creating emotional understanding and expression. Professor Tony Attwood has wholeheartedly endorsed PEM workshops and commented that this course “is essential for those with an autism spectrum condition who have great difficulty perceiving and regulating and expressing emotions”

    We are offering this Workshop series for FREE to Aspergers members 17-35 years as part of funding we have received.  There are limited spaces so you will need to register your interest quickly to secure a place.

    You can book online here    

    Photo - the PEM team and our AV team. For more info email us on groups@aspergersvic.org.au

  • 14 Jul 2018 10:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We recommend you watch this video about the benefits of neurodiversity. It is this approach that drives our empowerment model for our community. 

    Dr MacEachron summarises the power of neurodiversity for you here - enjoy watching: 


  • 13 Jul 2018 2:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ASPERGERS VICTORIA again have been invited to submit a request for invitations to attend the very POPULAR Special Children’s Christmas Party at the Melbourne Showgrounds on Saturday 15th December!

    The event, now in its 23rd year is a FREE Christmas Party for Special Children. It will run from 9.30am until 1.00pm in the Grand Pavilion of Melbourne Showgrounds. However it is by invitation only from approved organisations.

    This exciting event includes a three-and-a-half-hour (3.5hr) stage show featuring many artists who will keepthe children entertained. There will be activities such as merry go-rounds, jumping castles, face painting and much more. With all this fun to be had, they will need food, drinks, and ice creams, which will all be provided for FREE. Of course no Christmas party is complete without Santa and after his arrival the toy room will be open and each child will receive two beautiful presents.

    The basic requirements to receive an invitation to this amazing event via Aspergers Victoria include:

    • The child must have Aspergers and their parent/family is a member AND the child is under 12 years old

    • You have received an invitation through our secretary (see below)

    • Children must be accompanied by parents or caregivers. There will be no child minding facilities available.

    To request an INVITATION to this wonderful event please email to receive an application form. This form needs to be returned back to Aspergers Victoria via email before Tuesday 31st July 2018 to go in the ballot.

    Please consider the following from the event organisers before requesting an invitation:

    • Entry to the Melbourne Showgrounds to attend the event is for invite holders only; NO Invite - NO Entry. NO Child - NO Entry.

    • Invites are strictly for children under 12 years. Only ONE child can attend on each invitation and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Each child’s invite entitles ONE adult entry.

    • Catering will be provided for the child only. Parents and carers may purchase refreshments or bring a picnic lunch.

    • This is an alcohol free event and smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

    • This invitation is for members of Aspergers Victoria only. You can become a member now.

    • Siblings may also request an invite. Siblings are more than welcome to join in on the fun of the day, go on the rides and enjoy the food, however, they won't be allowed to go through the Toy Room to receive any presents.

    • Each year sadly organisers have more requests for invitations than they are able to supply. Therefore requesting an invitation is NOT a guarantee of receiving an invitation and is subject to the number of invites issued to ASPERGERS VICTORIA by The Christmas Party for Special Children.  Email now!

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